Spiteful as a woman, but not so nervous,

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I got a haircut today. I did something that I haven't done in a very long time, which is I asked her to only cut a minimal amount of length. Usually I go way too long between haircuts, and my hair gets long but has an excessive amount of split ends and so when I finally go to get it cut I am completely sick of long hair and get a drastic amount of length cut off.

I took some "before" pictures this morning and I'll try to get some more when I get home. But I think mostly the biggest difference right now is that it was styled by someone with WAY more hair-styling skills that I will ever have.

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I do the same thing with my hair. I wait way too long then cut it really short every time.

The one time I actually paid a decent amount of money for a hair cut, I was surprised at how much better it looked, even for a pretty basic cut. But I haven't kept up with that.

I'm finally at a stage where I like the haircuts I am getting enough to keep going back to the same person. I don't mind paying more than the minimum (these haircuts are $40... I think that is probably on the lower end of nice women's haircuts) but too many times I have paid that much and felt like my haircut was pretty mediocre afterwards.

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