Spiteful as a woman, but not so nervous,

And dying to say something unanswerable.

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It's time for me to renew my parking permit for next semester, and I'm having second thoughts. This parking spot is so convenient.. SO CONVENIENT. But it costs $70 a month. At the start of last semester when I paid it, I logically understood that I was paying $70 a month and that it was a lot, but it still felt like a one time thing and so it didn't sting that much. This time, I JUST PAID it a few months ago and now I have to pay it again and I am realizing that $70 a month is a whole lot of money relative to my budget. More than I set aside each month for taking care of my car... so it would wind up coming out of our savings.

Previously, I parked in a different garage, much farther away. It was something like $33 a month because I qualified for a different kind of permit due to my fellowship. At that time, my current garage would have been just as cheap, but I couldn't get into it because there was a waiting list for that kind of permit.

Now, ugh... All the places to park off campus and either walk or ride the shuttle are north of campus, which means that I have to drive past campus to get to them. More driving, then more walking. Not that I necessarily mind the walking in and of itself, but the time it adds to each day gets old after a while.


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