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Oh, internet

IMG_1654, originally uploaded by roseanna.beth.

Nothing like cracking your iPhone screen to really mess up your morning.

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Nothing fancy, just dropped it onto a tile floor from probably about waist level.

It actually turned out well, all things considered. The LCD is 100% undamaged as far as I can tell, and the only part of the glass that lost integrity a bit is up at the top where I don't need to touch anyway. I put some clear tape over the top so that no glass shedding would occur, and cut out a bit of the tape so that the earpiece wouldn't be obstructed.

Now I can take my time figuring out how to go about repairing it. Prices range from $199 at Apple (might as well figure out how to get a new phone at that point.. I don't qualify for an upgrade right now but I'm sure that I could find someone who does) to $10 for a replacement glass from random small companies through Amazon.

A friend had his repaired at some virtually no name place around the corner in San Jose for like $80 or something. It was just a dude in his apartment who I guess gets the parts and charges mostly for the labor. I don't know what's required to replace the glass, but if you can get the glass for $10, I bet you could do it yourself, with the proper tools (which probably aren't very special), for not much more.

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