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false alarm, except not so much
I hurt my foot today. I was walking around the house this morning, and everything seemed fine. But then when I got to campus and was walking to lab, my foot started to hurt.

Then I came to lab and sat down and after a bit of time it felt fine, then I walked again and it started to hurt, repeat repeat repeat.

So I went over to the student health center to see about getting an appointment, and they managed to slip me in immediately. But the problem was that there was a lot of sitting around prior to the appointment and I thought that when the doctor started poking and prodding my foot it would hurt again (giving him valuable hurt foot location of the pain info) but that didn't really happen.

He recommended a shoe insert, and I happen to already own a pair of the brand he recommended (bought them to put in my hiking boots)... so it's just a matter of moving those inserts around to whatever shoe I'm wearing.

So I kind of felt silly about how there wasn't really any foot pain to speak up during the exam, and I'm totally not one of those people who goes to the doctor frivolously, but I felt like it looked that way.

And of course the pain started up again as I walked back from the student health center to lab.

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I had something similar once. Turns out that I had torn one of the ligaments betweeen the small bones in my foot. It was one of those ligaments that rarely has and pressure put on it except when you stand in a certain way, or try to run. So I'd be totally fine and then in a matter of milliseconds I'd get this intense sharp pain that would make me scream, and then I wouldn't be able to stand for a good 5 to 10 minutes.

yikes... that doesn't sound good.

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