Spiteful as a woman, but not so nervous,

And dying to say something unanswerable.

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bob's wedding
I started writing in a paper journal. Well, my notebook that I already had, because I was inspired by this account of how to go about journaling (to do lists? notes? goals? I already do all that in my notebook!). So I've written twice in the morning so far.

I used to write here, and I miss it, but the problem is that when I write here I think what I'm writing too much and I'm too aware of an audience of people reading. Which is totally silly, because by now there probably aren't too many people still paying attention to whether I update or not.

I've misplaced by netbook power cord somewhere. It's most likely that I left it in one of my discussion sections. I retraced my steps and went back to all the discussion rooms to look around, but it was a rushed looking around because it was in between other classes and I didn't want to interrupt other classes, even if class wasn't actually going on yet. Each of the rooms has a big cabinet type desk were the computers are, and potentially someone just stuck it in a drawer in there to get it out of the way of the desk. I'm holding off on ordering another cord until I get back there this week for discussion and can search around thoroughly. There are cords available on Amazon, and cheap cords, but it's one of those items with lots of bad reviews due to people getting sent the wrong item or having the item break on them early on. So hopefully I can find *my cord*. It's one of those items that is generally not useful to anyone but me.


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